Gumball / Pop up channel

Earlier this year, Cartoon Network had the great idea to create a TV channel that transmits Gumball 24/7 for all the fans out there, so when they asked me if I was interested in helping shape this channel, I immediately said yes.

The challenge was to create a brand exclusive to this TV channel that would revolve around Gumball, but with a contrasting visual to the series, so as to create a distinction between the cartoon and the TV channel that transmits it. After testing different compositions and visuals, I opted for a highly geometric design of three main characters from the show: Gumball, Darwin and their father, Richard.

With these stylised characters, the animation itself had to emphasise the geometric shapes and the abstractness of each composition. I decided to play and match cut different parts of the character’s bodies, revealing at the end their face.

Year: 2020