Reel 2022

Reel 2022 A selection of some of the most interesting projects I had the pleasure to work on during the last 10 years. Year: 2012/2022 CLIENT: VARIOUS MY ROLE: ART DIRECTION, ILLUSTRATION, MOTION DESIGN MUSIC: POGO Read More

Motion Secrets

Motion Secrets In January 2020 I teamed up with Motion Design School in creating an advanced motion design course. This is the trailer I created for the launch. The goal of the course is to give students a complete toolkit on advanced techniques that they can use in whatever situation they find themselves animating, improving… Read More

Motion Tricks

Motion Secrets After the success of Motion Secrets, I teamed up again with Motion Design School in creating a new advanced animation course. Motion Tricks is a medium to advanced After Effects course focused on techniques that will elevate the complexity of your animations. If you know your way around AE but want to take… Read More

Plastic Health Coalition

We need to fight microplastics The Plastic Health Coalition has a mission to stop plastic pollution at its source. This ‘single issue’ environmental organisation is calling out the industry and governments where they fall short, putting also a special focus on the relationship between plastics and human health. The brief: We’ve all heard so much… Read More

I am intersex

I am intersex Let’s know more about intersex. Talking about gender topics has never been easy. It is an intricate issue per se, it implies several biological and cultural aspects and it can be surrounded by ideological preconceptions.Talking about the case of intersex is challenging also because of the word itself, which is virtually unknown by… Read More

Google Vaccine Campaign 2021

Google vaccine campaign 2021 From 2020, we’ve found ourselves in the middle of world pandemic and we’re still a long way to go. Vaccines are our only hope to overcome this fight, and, together with Youtube and local health governments, we are proud to contribute to the cause and help ease the public’s doubts about… Read More


BeamWallet Beam Wallet wants to change the way we pay and erode the privileges of monopolies. We already teamed up with Beam Wallet at their beginning when they wanted to describe their app to customers of several countries, now we have been called again to announce their ICO to the world. The main challenge: Blockchain… Read More

Youtube E3 Doodle

Youtube Doodles Doodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate events, holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. In a few occasions I had the pleasure to work side by side with the Google design team to create some doodles for… Read More

Gumball / Pop up channel

Gumball / Pop up channel Earlier this year, Cartoon Network had the great idea to create a TV channel that transmits Gumball 24/7 for all the fans out there, so when they asked me if I was interested in helping shape this channel, I immediately said yes. The challenge was to create a brand exclusive… Read More

Don’t be a bully, loser.

Don't be a bully, loser. A few months ago, a Youtuber with more than half a million subscribers invited all his followers to insult a 16 years old boy, whose only fault was to have criticised him in a private message. He didn’t even worried about the fact that that kid was affected by Asperger… Read More